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Our purpose is to assist leaders and organizations that want to make a difference in the world, that want to find new energy and realize that the solutions of yesterday is no longer working. We are grounded, calm and good at creating a nurturing environment for ideas and sustainable collaboration.

Do you want to find methods and tools to:

  • Support a culture of leadership that makes it easier to reach the goals
  • Strengthen collaboration and joy in your workplace
  • Take a look at the present state and at the same time create a structure that comes with clear roles and accountability
  • Use change as incentive to develop the organization

You are in the right place!

Our role is to be guides, providing appropriate structure and broadening the horizon. Together we can achieve big changes with small means. We work by transferring knowledge about tools and methods so that the change can be led from within. We facilitate meetings that inspire and develop, create collaboration and give energy to the daily life in the organization.

GC Tools is a small company with a large professional network around the world. Our intention is to tap into the wisdom in people, utilize it for creating life nurturing organizations and by this contribute to a better world. We believe in adapting organizations to fit people instead of the other way around.

We use the Genuine Contact™ Program, that contains all that is needed for sustainable development – a stable values foundation,  a good map, a set of simple processes and tools and a design which quickly transfers the knowledge about this approach to the organization.

Our Team

Eiwor Backelund and Mats Jacobsson of GC ToolsEiwor Backelund, senior consultant, educator and certified Genuine Contact™ Trainer, with long experience from training and teaching, process facilitation, project management and development of leadership and organizations. She has developed methods for online collaboration together with Richard Schultz, Wisdomways, Canada in CollaborativeWays.

Mats Jacobsson, certified Genuine Contact™ Trainer with broad leadership experience from transportation, logistics and construction.  Mats connects a practical and economic thinking with an approach that utilizes peoples knowledge for business development.


Richard Schultz, WisdomWaysRichard Schultz, Wisdomways, Canada – expert on online collaboration, culture transformation and individual development supported by pioneering techniques. Certified  Genuine Contact™ Trainer.




Anders Johansson, FriluftenAnders Johansson, Friluften, Sweden – Outdoor educator, pedagogue and team developer who uses nature as a space for development, to take one step further. Certified Genuine Contact™ Trainer.




Hege Steinsland, RelasjonsutviklingHege Steinsland, Relasjonsutvikling, Norway – calm and methodical pedagogue focusing on relationships in the change process, long experience of leadership, education, conflict resolution and  coaching.