An easy road less travelled




How do you want to lead your next project – in an easy way or a difficult way?

You have a new  project, a nice team or partner to work with you and there you are, time to begin. What do you do? Do you create an action plan to start doing things that will lead you to your goal? Or maybe you take some time to go through the project with your team, inviting them to explain how they see the purpose, the goals and the road forward?

When you start with the action plan and immediately move into the actions – you have chosen the difficult path. Will you learn something? Yes, if you need to learn about chaos, confusion and conflict, you will certainly learn many things. If you already know about that you might want to choose another road towards your goals and start with gathering your team.

So you tell me that you have already talked about your goals when you wrote the proposal to get the project funded! You even talked about what actions to take and maybe the whole project is about doing something practical, so why do it again? You could have had the impression that everyone agreed to your ideas, but did you really take time to find out or did you have a tight deadline? They might have agreed to your ideas based on their assumptions on those ideas. When you then start the project going straight to actions, their work will be based on their assumptions, not yours. You will find out when some actions never happen and others that lead you in a very different direction are carried out quickly and get confusing and chaotic results. If you still carry on without doing anything about it, you might find out that you hold a conflict in your lap. This is the difficult way.

The easy way is a way that will take you to your goal on time. You might still get some chaos, confusion and conflict but you have a foundation from which you can handle those situations. This road starts with inviting all project members to a meeting to find out about everyone´s assumptions about the purpose, leadership, vision and goals, community and stakeholders and management, tools and actions. It takes some time, maybe 4 hours, maybe 6, and it will be worthwhile because many different opinions will be on the table and there is a chance to find actions that are even better than those you were planning for. This meeting is also a place for common understanding of rules and principles you need to observe.

When you want to take the easy road it is at the same time a road less travelled because it requires awareness of many different dimensions and not all want to go there. It requires you to consciously consider the whole person that is invited, the impact of the environment where the meeting is held and your impact as the leader of the meeting. Do you still want to go there and save yourself many moments of chaos, confusion and conflict? Click here to find out how to!



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