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Leadership is an art and a capacity that is possible to master. Developing mastery in leadership requires knowledge, practice and experience – and time. Much could be learnt and ought to be learnt at work, and then there is also the need for a pause to obtain new knowledge and for reflection and breathing.

We are delighted to offer an international program that is especially designed and tested for this purpose. This program is based on science, professionalism and is easy obtained. It offers knowledge about how leaders could impact and are impacted by the organizations they work with.  We look at leadership from a holistic perspective that will create sustainability for people and organizations. We look at a new form of leadership where you lead so that others could lead, where you are more of a firekeeper than a commander.

Learning ought to be simple, joyfilled and with demands that are possible to affect and adjusted to the person and the situation. It is possible to go some of the road on your own but there is an extended field that can be reached with support. Our intention is to be guides who expand the horizon and offer appropriate structure so you can focus on reaching your potential.

Are you interested in increasing your leadership capacity and competence?

The Genuine Contact™ Program consists of two parts – a foundational part for development of the leadership necessary to create sustainable organizations and a skillbuilding part to learn the new methods and tools that are needed to facilitate the transformation. The Leadership Development program has 4 modules that are offered online and in different geographic areas. You could take these modules as a whole or choose some of them.

Would you like to do one or all of the modules inhouse in your organization? Please contact us to discuss a process that suits you.