Path to Organizational Health and Balance, online

Path to Organizational Health and Balance, Foundations 1 of the Genuine Contact Program. Online workshop, October 18, 2018, 8-12 am CET. Register now

Our world is constantly changing. We face new and complex challenges more and more rapidly. What if the needed solutions already exist in your organization or in your team? Health, balance and resilience are important aspects that will determine if the organization will be able to find the right solution and make the most of the opportunities that emerge with change.

In this halfday workshop we offer a holistic approach to health, balance and flexibility in organizations. You will develop your own perspective on what it is that creates a healthy and balanced organization. You will get some simple tools that could be used immediately and will make a difference without big organizational interventions.

You will get:

  • An updated perspective of the current state of health in the organization
  • A set of simple tools that supports your recreation of health, balance and resilience in the organization
  • Knowledge about how our perception of the world impact the organization
  • Knowledge about the approach of the Genuine Contact™Program
  • Information about opportunities to deepen your knowledge about healthy and balanced organizations


The workshop is experiential and practical. The language is Swedish/Norwegian with English on request. The workshop is offered both online and in different geographical areas. For registration to Norwegian workshops, please contact Hege Steinsland.

The workshop fee SEK 900 ex VAT, includes workshop fee and workbook. Your invoice will be due for payment within 15 days, but before the start of the workshop. When at the same time registering for Health and Balance in Organizations, the Path to Health and Balance workshop is free of charge.

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Path to Organizational Health and Balance is a foundational workshop in the Genuine Contact™ (GC) Program. The GC Program was created by Birgitt and Ward Williams. As a workshop participant you are invited to join a growing international network of Genuine Contact Professionals, a mentoring circle for support and collaboration. For more information please visit Genuine Contact Program website 

Workshop Leadership

Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson, adult pedagogue and authorized Genuine Contact™ Trainer, has worked with the Genuine Contact™ Program since 1999, in leadership positions such as director, chair, project manager and ombudsman and as a consultant. She provides practical and reality checked experiences of a new way of thinking as leader and manager.

Anders Johansson, outdoor pedagogue and authorized Genuine Contact™ Trainer, has long experience of teaching outdoor pedagogy to school teachers and of using nature as a tool for team development. He supports you to become familiar with using the outdoor environment  to strengthen the development of collaboration, skills and creative thinking.

Hege Steinsland, process facilitator and authorized Genuine Contact™ Trainer, has a long experience as a leader and with change management, team development, conflict resolution and coaching. Her calm and reflective approach and her background in relationship and Gestalt coaching will help you find your own relationship to your leadership.