Individual Health and Balance, online

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Individual Health and Balance, Foundational module 3 of the Genuine Contact Program.

April 30, May 7, 14, 21, 2019, 7.30-10.00 am CET. 4 online breakfast meetings with self studies and practice each week. Note This workshop will be in Swedish/Norwegian.  For English version please send us an email.


Are you searching for something that could help you maintain health and balance in your hectic life? Do you need support to keep to your plans until they have become a habit? This is the place for you.

Our level of health and balance impacts our capacity to carry through with the goals we want to achieve. Health and balanse will impact how we can cope with change that constantly rearranges our plans and the stress we face when trying to multitask. This workshop is about how to create space for your own health and balance in the hectic daily life. We combine selfstudies with short online meetings. Each week comes with new exercises to try out and text to read to prepare for the next meeting. In each meeting we reflect on experiences and we test new exercises. Count on allocating about 3 hours for the homework each week plus time for the breakfast meetings.

From this workshop you will get

  • A picture of your current lifebalance
  • Knowledge and tools to recreate and strengthen your balance mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically
  • A framework to systematically work with wholeness
  • Time to reflect and questions to come back to
  • Exercises and questions you could use when working with other people

In the breakfast meetings we reflect on current experiences and try out exercises, discuss questions and get homework for the coming week.


Workshop fee 3 500 SEK ex VAT. The fee covers workshop leadership, workbook, workshop materials and documentation. The workshop leaders will be available for questions and discussion through mail between the meetings.

For questions and to request this workshop in English, please contact Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson.

Individual Health and Balance is a foundational workshop in the Genuine Contact™ (GC) Program. The GC Program was created by Birgitt and Ward Williams. As a workshop participant you are invited to join a growing international network of Genuine Contact Professionals, a mentoring circle for support and collaboration. For more information please visit Genuine Contact Program website 

Workshop Leadership – GC-Team Skandinavia

Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson, adult pedagogue and authorized Genuine Contact™ Trainer, has worked with the Genuine Contact™ Program since 1999, in leadership positions such as director, chair, project manager and ombudsman and as a consultant. She provides practical and reality checked experiences of a new way of thinking as leader and manager.

Anders Johansson, outdoor pedagogue and authorized Genuine Contact™ Trainer, has long experience of teaching outdoor pedagogy to school teachers and of using nature as a tool for team development. He supports you to become familiar with using the outdoor environment  to strengthen the development of collaboration, skills and creative thinking.

Hege Steinsland, process facilitator and authorized Genuine Contact™ Trainer, has a long experience as a leader and with change management, team development, conflict resolution and coaching. Her calm and reflective approach and her background in relationship and Gestalt coaching will help you find your own relationship to your leadership.