Leadership development

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What does leadership mean? Is it to always be one step ahead and point out the direction? Is it to gather the troups and take the lead? Is it to manage and handle problems so the staff could do their job in peace and quiet? Or is it something else?

Leadership is a verb, something to carry out, something you learn by obtaining knowledge and getting experience. To be good at performing leadership you need to practice. You will need time, situations and conditions that make it possible to train to eventually achieve mastery in leadership.

Being an executive often implies to take the lead to achieve something, to reach the goals, to accomplish a commitment. Being the manager allows you to carry out a leadership that support others to lead. Today it is essential that everyone in an organization could take initiatives, make their own decisions to seize opportunities that come flying by. Everything changes so quickly and so often, that it is impossible to await decisions or the next board meeting. Then the opportunity will be gone.

Being a leader offers the opportunity to create a culture of leadership, that draws on people´s skills and knowledge and that creates a sustainable situation for oneself.  A culture of leadership is an approach that utilizes and values people´s resources and engagement. It requires that you as the leader works more like a firekeeper than a commander. Proceeding to a new leadership will require changeover time. It will also require new thought patterns, time for reflection and different tools and methods.

Would you like to enhance your leadership capacity and find support for your leadership?

We are delighted to offer an international program that is especially designed and tested for this purpose. The Genuine Contact Program is based on science, professionalism and is easily obtained. Our leadership program focuses on leadership and how you as the leader could impact the organization. The program consists of 4 foundational modules. Many of them could be taken in different geographic places in Sweden and Norway as well as online.  Each workshop builds on the one before so the learning gets deeper with each step.

  1. A first step to a healthy organization
  2. Health and Balance in Organizations
  3. Recreate Health and Balance in  your daily life
  4. Authentic and Engaging Leadership

You will also find thougths and tips about leadership development and organizational development on our blog and on the international Genuine Contact blog.