Genuine Contact

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The surroundings where we work are diverse and in constant change. In the midst of this we wish to do a good job and be enjoy what we are doing. These days it seems even more important to build capacity to create and utilize resources together. And this has to be done in a way that cares for people, environment and society at the same time as we achieve the results we need.

The Genuine Contact™ Program is a fully developed, experiencebased program for sustainable development of leaders and organizations. The approach is carefully and properly tested in authentic situations and organizations. There are organizations that fully or partly have implemented the tools and methods of the program, both in Sweden and in other parts of the world.

The Genuine Contact™ Program could be looked at as an operating system where other approaches and programs, such as LEAN, could be applied. It will lead to improved health and balance and increased leadership capacity, that is better results, in the whole organization. The program supports leaders to lead differently. Everything is implemented in a short time by using meetings as catalysts for change. The staff will learn methods and tools and could then facilitate the work themselves.

The Genuine Contact™ Program consists of two parts, the foundational part for leadership development and the skillbuilding part with tools and methods for the new approach. The foundational part has 4 modules:

  • Path to Organizational Health and Balance, about the importance of a life nurturing climate and how foundational beliefs impact the organization
  • Achieving and Regenerating Organizational Health and Balance, how to create a baseline and increase the life nurturing climate at the same time
  • Individual Health and Balance , how to secure and maintain ones health in the midst of change and chaos
  • Holistic Leadership Devellopment, leading from a different level of consciousness, impacting organizations by way of being

The skillbuilding part has 5 modules:

  • Working with Open Space Technology, how to plan and facilitate participative large group meetings and secure the benefits of the results
  • Whole Person Process Facilitation, how to lead the everyday meetings in an organization in ways that makes the most of the present competence
  • Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution, learning about oneself in relation to others, using a simple method to resolve rather than mediate conflicts
  • The Genuine Contact Organization, how to implement a culture of leadership and a life nurturing climate
  • Train the Trainer, achieve mastery in the use of methods and tools of the Genuine Contact program and teach others.

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