Organizational Development

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Holistic organizations work with people and environment in coherence. They focus on the environment, the climate, culture and energy where people work, because they know that it has a considerable impact on the results. When people are healthy and work from their true potential, almost anything is possible.

Healthy and balanced organizations are beneficial to the people in it, the clients, the owners and the society. It supports everyone in its surroundings to thrive. To increase health and balance in the organization it is important to activate all present resources and to start with its biggest capital – the human capital. It is also important to work actively with values and culture so these are supporting the change.

It works well to work with values and culture and at the same time create space for the full potential of the people. What is required is doing things different than before. You simply use meetings as catalyst by continously leading them in a new way. The design of the meetings make it possible to increase the capacity of leaders and staff to utilize rapid change, to seize opportunities flying by and to take leadership to do the work in the best and most efficient way.

Supported by meeting methods and a few simple tools you could develop a healthy and balanced organization, and at the same time create a culture of leadership. This is a good recipe for achieving success in working with the purpose of the organization. The best part of changing using meetings is that all that is needed are often small adjustments and it is quick. We are reconstructing from the foundation but without creating a mess and chaos.

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