Nourish a Culture of Leadership

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”You can not separate personal and professional leadership development. It is time for people to awaken their leadership potential”. Birgitt Williamsbirgitt-williams-horizontal

Leadership or management

What is in charge in your organization – leadership or management? Do you use most of your time on documentation, administration or emergency calls to solve acute problems, that people don´t have the authority to solve themselves? Do you want time to think before you act, to see where the path leads before you try to catch up and to get some kind of order out of the chaos?

Meeting the challenges of today requires new ways of thinking and leading. Changes occur faster and faster and unfortunately many older organizations try to solve their problems by adding new control systems and more structure. This is what they are used to do but it is not a good recipe. It takes a lot of energy to have the brakes on and keep one leg in what has been (documenting what has already passed) when the other leg is on its way to solve the next unexpected situation.

Another kind of thinking

We need a culture of leadership, where everyone has enough space to take leadership, find solutions to urgent problems and take opportunities when they emerge. We need less of control systems and more of trusting that everyone has the ability and capacity to create success. We need methods and tools that quickly taps into the collective knowledge, the potential in the organization, to catch arriving opportunities. And we will find new energy when we follow the flow instead of going upstream.

Cour-age to change from within

Creating space for yourself requires courage. You have to choose another path than the usual one. Sometimes you even need some rage. The word courage comes from cour (heart) and rage. This means that it is in the heart of rage and anger that we can find the power to act in a way that agrees with who we are as humans, not with how we have built our administrative systems.

As always, sustainable change has to start from within. First from within you as a leader, then from within the organization. The first step is to find out from which values and norms you wish to act. The values and assumptions that have founded many of the organizations we have today, was born in the early days of industrialism. At that time change was slower, leaders were educated which the staff was not and society at large was more divided in different classes and more unequal. Today knowledge and competence are distributed more evenly, not least because we value both practical and intellectual knowledge. Therefore it is a big waste of resources when the people don´t have enough space to use their entire knowledge.

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