Online Collaboration

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Online CollaborationTypically when teams or organizations go online, the productivity, collaboration and communication among team members is reduced rather than enhanced. This is usually because of the way the meetings are conducted. The use of the online tool functionality often gets reduced to a one way communication of information, rather than a collaborative, co-creative process that utilizes everyone’s time, knowledge and skills effectively.

Online facilitation is one of our core competencies. We have years of experience with in-person meetings and have proven the effectiveness of these methods and skills for online meetings. We can custom design an online meeting or workshop to meet your needs or we can provide one of our turn-key meeting solutions for strategic planning, mentoring, on-line conferences  or cultural alignment. We are highly skilled in combining technology with meeting methodology to bring you powerful, effective, and productive sessions where you get amazing results!

Our turn-key collaborative meeting service takes care of all the services you might need when arranging online meetings.

  • We provide visible and structured rooms in the virtual space, so people feel they are in the same place, even when separated by a large distances.
  • We do all the necessary administration, such as taking care of registrations and the training and preparation of participants.
  • We provide a place for continuous work; for reading, reflection and discussion between the meeting sessions.
  • We plan together with you for the best creativity and learning, using your resources in an optimal way to ensure that you reach the results you are after.
  • We facilitate to keep your meeting on-track to fulfill its purpose and reach your goals.

Does this sound interesting? Contact us for a free strategy session to discover how online meetings can benefit your organization.