There are many ways to look at the world

There are many ways to look at the world. What kind of glasses are  you using?

Many organizations are still using the same glasses that they got when they were founded. At that time their world might have looked like a mashine or an assembly line where you easily could exchange parts, meaning people, that did not work. If they still are using their old glasses their worldview will be the same despite that the world has changed. Maybe it is time to find a new pair?

A worldview, the glasses you use to look at the world, has a big impact on how decisions are made and how work is performed to reach organizational goals. If you think that the organization does not perform as well as it should, the first step might be to think about changing its glasses. A highly controlled organization without balance, could still achieve good results, but often at the cost of the health of its people. An organization that is attending to its healthy workclimate could often get better results since everyone could work with their full potential. This is all impacted by how the organization perceives the world.

It is quite simple to change the glasses and by that change the organizational climate. What is needed is time to reflect and decide and some simple tools. This is how we do it:

  1. Decide what we want and then begin to cleanse what needs to be removed and strengthen what works and should remain.
  2. Do a diagnosis as a baseline to measure success.
  3. Take one step at a time and continue to cleanse and create space, strenghten and balance.
  4. Do the diagnosis again after a year to evaluate and decide on next steps.

There are two ways to learn how to insert these simple routines in the organization. You could take our online workshops and then do the job in your organization. When you register for both at the same time, the first workshop is free of charge. You could also invite us to your organization. You will then do the first two steps while learning routines and tools for the continuing work.

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