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Holistic Leadership Development, Foundations 4 of the Genuine Contact Program. Ramsviks Övergård, Sweden. June 18, 1 pm CET –  June 21, 2 pm CET.

For people in leadership positions, such as CEO, middle managers, project managers, team-leaders, HR and OD specialists, consultants, facilitators.

Finding your own authentic leadership style is essential for your confidence as a leader. This requires knowledge, awareness and time to practice. This workshop will broaden your spectra of leadership skills, by exercises that will help you achieve greater self-awareness and make masterful use of yourself as a leadership instrument in the organizations you work with. During the workshop you give yourself time strengthen your leadership capacity so you can impact your organization and engage leadership in others.

Holistic Leadership Development teaches a holistic approach of leadership, suitable for our era and for the rapid and chaotic change we face. This is an experiential workshop, using outdoor space as a tool to find answers to your questions and a learning by doing approach to learn about complex organizational and individual patterns in a simple and even playful way.

In this workshop you will deepen your skills, knowledge and capacity to

  • Understand yourself and your leadership better by taking a simple test that shows where you are, where you think you are, your strengths, your motivation and old unfinished business.
  • Assist your organization to shift to a culture of leadership so the organization can reap the benefits of leadership throughout the organization
  • Acknowledge and work from your feminine, masculine and integrated energies and use each of them when appropriate
  • Expand your mastery in leadership by reflecting, practicing and testing
  • Embrace your courage to step into the unknown, working with the power of presence, communication and influence and learn to use those powers effectively
  • Use nature and outdoor space to enhance collaboration, innovation and learning
  • Use different environments in a conscious and deliberate way to achieve results

This workshop is a unique opportunity to participate in a workshop where Genuine Contact Approach is blended with Outdoor Pedagogy, local culture and local organic food. We have designed your experience to give you as much personal freedom and opportunity for growth as possible, so the maximum number of participants are 12.

The location is Ramsviks Övergård, Hunnebostrand, Sweden, a farm with holiday lettings, about 2 hours north of Gothenburg. The farm is located in a nature reserve on an island on the Swedish westcoast. You will experience the typical coastal nature of Bohuslän with smooth rocks, heather moors, wooden clefts and pastures with sheep and cattle. Each day will also include an excursion to a nearby location with time for self-organized lunch at your cost.

Accomodation will be in comfortable apartments with one bedroom, a bathroom and one room with a sofabed and a small kitchen area. Each apartment has its own porch on two sides of the building. The apartment is shared between 2 or 3 people. Breakfast is self-organized and you will find items for a normal Swedish breakfast in the apartment kitchen. If you need special things please bring them along. Dinner preparation is part of the experiental learning.

Consider bringing different types of clothes such as warm sweater, shorts, a raincoat, a swimsuit. Most of the time will be spent outdoors, including the excursions and the weather can be very shifting. The common language will be English/Swedish. In the smaller groups participants can use the language they prefer.


The workshop fee SEK 14.800 ex VAT, includes workshop fee, workbook and workshop materials, coffee/tea and snacks, accommodation in shared apartments, breakfast and dinner.

Register by sending your name, business name if applicable, invoice address and your VAT number if you have a EU-based business, to Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson. Also let us know if you have special preferences or needs regarding your accommodation and food. We will immediately send you an invoice with 15 days payment period. Your registration is complete upon payment of fees. Fees are non-refundable but if you find it is impossible for you to participate, you can arrange for another person to take your place. Any money back to you is an arrangement between you and that other person and is not the responsibility of GC Tools.

Workshop Pre-Requisites

There are 3 pre-requisites to register for this program, so that you will get the most out of your investment in Holistic Leadership Development. They are Path to Organizational Health and Balance, Achieving Organizational Health and Balance and Individual Health and Balance. They are offered as a combination of one online session and a self-study with questions and exercises. Some of them is also available as in-person trainings offered by other Genuine Contact Trainers. If are missing any of them, contact us at eiwor@gctools.se to provide guidance.

Holistic Leadership Development is a foundational workshop in the Genuine Contact™ (GC) Program. The GC Program was created by Birgitt and Ward Williams. As a workshop participant you are invited to join a growing international network of Genuine Contact Professionals, a mentoring circle for support and collaboration. For more information please visit Genuine Contact Program website 

Workshop Facilitators:

Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson intention is to provide leaders with a hands-on experience of a new leadership paradigm, so they can change the way organizations work to a more healthy and balanced approach utilizing the full wisdom of the people working with it. In her consulting work she draws on her many years of experience being a leader of economic and non-profit associations and European Union funded projects. Being one of the first authorized trainers of the Genuine Contact ™ Program, she has taught the program components to hundreds of people in Sweden and internationally. Eiwor knows that nature has a balancing effect, which helps people feel good and be more creative, more productive and learn easier.

Anders Johansson is a skilled and experienced outdoor educator, who have trained many hundred school teachers, leaders and facilitators as a teacher at Linköping University and through his own business Friluften. When he describes himself as a leader/educator the metaphor catalyst is used. In practice this means that the knowledge, energy and creativity within the group is used for development of the individuals and the group. His keyword for success is ”trust the process”. Anders is one of the developers and owners of the Skogsfloating concept, an outdoor meeting space for creative, inspiring and effective collaboration and an authorized trainer of the Genuine Contact Program.

Hege Steinsland is a process facilitator och authorized Genuine Contact Trainer who has many years of experience as a leader and of working with change, team development, conflict resolution and coaching. During many years she has supported leaders in the administration in municipalities and churches with tools for leadership development and for finding a new organization model. Her calm and reflective approach and her background from relationship and Gestalt coaching will support your search for the right relationship to your own leadership.

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