Sometimes we want to change something but have not yet found what that something is. Sometimes we know what we need to learn but find that some company could make it easier. Whatever your situation is, participating in a workshop can give you both new insights and company. In our workshops, you will get time and space to find what you are searching for and company from others who are on a similar journey. You will also get hands-on techniques and practical tools that give you a structure that makes it easier for you at work.

The workshops we offer are all part of or are rooted in the Genuine Contact™ Program, an international program build from science, professionalism and experience-based knowledge.  The program is designed and tested to support next generation leadership. In our workshops, we focus on what is necessary for leaders who want to build a stable leadership support system for themselves and in their organization.

Do you need guidance and company on your leadership journey? 

We offer different short and longer opportunities for learning and guidance, both online and in-person. We are also happy to discuss in-house processes that suit your organization.

Genuine Contact™ Program workshops:

The following Genuine Contact™ modules are designed to strengthen your leadership capacity, your ability to impact the organization and build a solid and life nurturing foundation to work with next generation leadership. Each workshop builds upon the learning of other in the order they are displayed.

  1. Organizational Health and Balance will give you practical and hands-on tools to set a baseline to measure your success when you implement the culture of leadership needed to transform the organization towards a next generation leadership approach. This workshop also includes looking at the values and assumptions about organizations, leadership and the world and discernment about the values foundation of your organization.
  2. Individual Health and Balance for change leaders. In their work, leaders they often handle grief and conflict and because of that, need to be more careful with their own health to not contract illnesses. During this workshop you will be able to try different techniques and tools to sustain your balance and find out which of these are meant for you.
  3. Holistic Leadership Development is an opportunity to find our inner strength as leaders and increase our leadership capacity in a both serious and playful way. We will learn about the interplay between leaders and organizations and look at your best way to make a difference. You will leave the workshop with a transformative tool to use in your organization and several insights about who you are as a leader.


If you want to improve the organization, you have to improve yourself and the organization gets pulled up with you.

Indra Nooyi

Lead to collaborate & co-create