Leadership is an art that can be mastered by practice and experience. The art of leadership is shown in the high quality and value that results from the mastery of skills. This tells us that leadership is an action, not a position. Anyone can perform leadership and learn to master this art.

Mastering leadership will take some serious learning, experimentation and experience. All famous artists were once children playing with crayons and papers. Their masterpieces started with making hundreds of drawings, some given to grandmothers and put up on the wall, but most of them thrown directly into the garbage bin. That is how you become so skillful that people measure your work as art. You try, fail and try again. Learning the artful performance of leadership is what Next Generation Leadership is all about.

Leadership used as a verb, is an action that everyone can do. When people in an organization have the necessary conditions to do leadership, this will increase effectivity and productivity and make the organization grow and thrive. These needed conditions are put in place when the organization implements a new culture – a Culture of Leadership.

As you learn leadership mastery, the tool you use most is yourself. You are a full palette of colors and learning to master leadership means blending those colors skillfully together. The first step to become a master is to learn to “walk our talk”, to be authentic and align actions with words. This requires awareness and sometimes our mind plays tricks, so it is sometimes difficult to always see our own limiting patterns. This is where we need a Leadership Support System, with tools and methods that help us do leadership the way we talk about it. A valuable leadership support system includes different means for learning and guidance, such as Books and Blogs, Workshops and an organizational and individual Mentoring structure.

Next Generation Leadership is underpinned by a holistic leadership perspective, that views the complex system of an organization as a coherent whole where the parts are best understood in relation to one another and to the whole. Leadership is viewed as an integral component of this system and a function that impacts and is impacted by the whole organization. The Culture of Leadership in the organization will have a big impact on how leadership is carried out and when performed as an art, leadership will have a tremendous impact on the success of the organization.


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Leadership is a choice, not a position.

Stephen R Covey

Lead to collaborate & co-create
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